The Most Advanced Floating Dock System on the Market

Snap Dock was designed by marine engineers to be tough enough for industrial use and versatile enough for recreational applications.  Featuring new coupler technology, reinforced surface support, an attractive non-slip surface, and a suite of accessories, let us help you personalize your dream waterfront escape.


Unmatched Strength

Snap Dock’s coupler system is injection molded, allowing us to deliver incomparable strength and flexibility. 

Seemless Color Integration

Snap Dock’s coupler system matches the color of dock components, providing seamless color integration. 

Reinforced Surface Support

All dock sections feature reinforced surface support to deliver uniform support across the every inch of each dock section.

Easy to Configure, Install and Maintain

Dock Sections are designed to be:

  • Tough, crack resistant
  • One person Installation 
  • Slip resistant surface

The Snap Port is:

  • Universal PWC port
  • 2-piece design for easy transport and assembly
  • Adjustable rollers allow for smooth entry and exit

Full suite of accessories specifically designed to allow for custom solutions:

  • Made in USA
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Easy to Configure, Install and Maintain

Snap Dock’s modular system is easy to configure, install and maintain. With dock floats that can be connected in seconds and numerous attachment points on the float’s surface, Snap Dock takes modular floating docks to the next level.

Attractive Non-Slip Surface

All dock sections feature an attractive, non-slip surface to ensure safe and enjoyable use for years. 

Endless Possibilities!

The Snap Dock Modular Dock System was specifically designed to be configured in countless ways allowing for endless possibilities!


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